How to play the 5 card cash arizona lottery?

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Do you like to play lotteries? If so, then most likely you would definitely want to try your luck at 5 card cash arizona. This is a famous world lottery where players can win a good amount of money. But more on that later.

What is 5 card cash arizona?

As mentioned earlier, 5 card cash arizona is a famous lottery game. It will definitely surprise everyone because it is completely different from other games. By spending just $2 on one ticket, you can win $5,000. What could be cooler? You can redeem the winning ticket in special machines. You have two ways to win, but more on that later.

Ways to win

In order to win this lottery, you need to complete certain actions. As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to win, namely:

  • With your lottery ticket. If your symbols on the card match the winning symbols on the back of the ticket, then you have won. Depending on the collected combination, you can get one or another amount of money. In simple words, then you need to collect a poker hand. The higher it is, the better;
  • Compliance with a special combination. Let’s take a closer second key of win. This promotion is called Nightly Drawing and runs from Monday to Sunday at approximately 11 pm. Your 5 cards should match the combination chosen by the lottery company itself. The winning combination of special cards can be viewed on the official website or other official sources.

What knowledge will help you win?

As mentioned earlier, the essence of Five card cash is to collect a poker hand. These are combinations from classic poker. Let’s take a closer look at the combinations and the prize that you can get:

  • Pair 8 and above: you get a prize in the form of a free game;
  • Two pairs: the prize is $8;
  • 3 of a kind: the prize is $5;
  • Straight: for such a combination you will receive $20;
  • Flush: your winnings will be $50;
  • Full House: the prize is $75;
  • 4 of a kind: here you can get 200$;
  • Straight flush: in this case, the prize is $500;
  • Royal Flush: Jackpot where the winnings will be $5,000.

Knowing the combinations of Texas Hold’em will only be a plus for you because we will quickly be able to recognize the winning combination. The size of your winnings depends on your luck because this is a lottery.


5 card cash arizona is a unique lottery game like no other. Your main goal is to collect the best combination. If you are well versed in the main poker hands, you will be able to instantly recognize your winnings. If you are not very good at this, then all the information will be indicated on the spread of the lottery ticket. There is nothing complicated. The probability of winning is very high. Therefore, it is definitely worth trying to play this unusual lottery.