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As you know, when the game of blackjack begins, the main roles are played by the dealer and the players. Each character is dealt two cards. The dealer also does not stand aside and receives his dealers up card. What is it we will consider in this article?

Player vs Dealer: their main responsibilities

As mentioned earlier, the game involves two actors: the player and the dealer.

  • Player – often referred to as a participant who plays against the dealer. Usually, there can be from 2 to 7 of them. The main goal of the player is to beat the dealer and other players;
  • The dealer is the person who deals with the cards. He does this with a special shoe. This is a device in which, after shuffling, a deck of cards is placed until the next deal. The main goal of the dealer is to beat the player.

Where did the game originate?

Black Jack is a game whose history causes serious controversy in the professional environment. This is because there is still no generally accepted version among experts from where this game originated. The most likely country of origin of this game is Italy. This theory is supported by most gambling historians.

How is the game going?

To understand what a up card is, let’s take a closer look at the game. First of all, the dealer is good at shuffling the cards that will be used for the deal. After that, the players place their bets. In the next step, the dealer deals two cards to everyone. At the same time, he distributes them to himself. The main feature is that the dealer opens one of his cards. This is called dealers up card. This helps players evaluate the game later on. Then the players can draw another card, say enough, or pass. A set of cards by players passes strictly in turn. At the end of the game, the dealer shows his cards and players. Then the winner is determined.

The main feature of the game

Most players believe that the point of the gameplay is to score more points, but no more than twenty-one. It is not like that at all. The point is to beat the dealer (croupier). The game is played in several decks (1-8 decks). The fewer of them, the more likely it is to beat the dealer. At the end of the shuffle, when one-third of the cards are left in the shoe (the game continues until the dealer in the shoe reaches a special plastic card set by him before the bets are made), the decks are shuffled. If the game is played with one deck, then shuffling occurs after each game.


Blackjack is a popular game that is present in almost every casino in the world. Each player can win it. The most important thing is the deliberation of decisions, accuracy, and logic. And then you will definitely succeed. The main reference point is dealers up card. With it, you can evaluate the progress of the game and decide on your next actions. Therefore, pay attention to this element.