Multicolour server docs

A requirement of each server plugin is that it register as "server" on Multicolour core. A server handles the HTTP side of the data management, all of the official plugins use the handlers built into Multicolour so they all behave the same.

Getting a raw server

All server plugins must expose a way to access the raw technology beneath, this is because for custom_routes we use the raw server to pass as an argument.

Getting the API’s URL.

The final resolved url the API can be reached at, is 100% truth once the server has started and only a “guess” before the server_started event is emitted.

The guess is 95% correct as it is derived from your configuration file but is not 100%.

To read about what more is available to .get or .request


All endorsed server plugins are required to implement a way of enabling or disabling CSRF tokens for security reasons.