Multicolour documentation debugging tips


Multicolour has a few different ways to debug your application, you can start your service with an environmental DEBUG=multicolour:* to see logs of internal objects and operations as they happen.

You will see output similar to

multicolour:core Scanning /www/node/multicolour-app/content +2ms
  multicolour:core Scanned and found: [
] +0ms
  multicolour:core Finished scanning +149ms

You can also install the multicolour-hapi-vantage plugin to see HTTP logs in real time using the debug on command in the repl.

While you can use the DEBUG environmental in conjunction with the repl, the output may appear garbled as the two share the same stdout.

Starting your service with the vantage plugin installed will take you to a repl (and start your service in the background)


Running with the debug mode set to on will show every HTTP request and response in pair to help with debugging.