Multicolour 0.6.3 documentation contents page

Docs 0.6.3

  • API Reference Multicolour core API reference.
  • API Authentication Authentication on your REST API.
  • CLI Documentation for the Multicolour CLI tool.
  • Collections/Blueprints Documentation on how to create and use Multicolour collections, blueprints and the Endpoint class to define the database structure for your rest api and how to handle database migrations.
  • Configuration Documentation on configuring and altering configuration for a Multicolour REST API.
  • Constraints Add logic to your REST API without writing code
  • Migration Documentation on the database migration logic, caveats of automatic data migration and how to connect Multicolour to an existing database.
  • Debugging Learn how to use the built in debugging tools to debug your REST API faster.
  • Quickstart Get started with Multicolour instantly, create a REST API in less than 5 minutes.
  • Handlers Multicolour core ships with all the verb handlers built in.
  • JavaScript SDK Learn how to use the JavaScript, frontend SDK generator to get your web apps up and running faster.
  • Writing plugins Use plugins to create and extend REST API behaviour.
  • Routing Multicolour documentation on generated routes and creating custom routes.
  • Results Filtering Perform queries on your data without writing any business logic.
  • Server Multicolour server object documentation.
  • Uploading files Learn how to add a file upload endpoint to your models and REST API.