Multipurpose Multicolour

Multi-purpose, Multi-Benefit Multicolour

So, if you you’re reading this post then you might be wondering a couple of things. Firstly, What the heck is Multicolour? And secondly, how does Multicolour affect me? Finally you might be asking yourself, Why do I even need Multicolour?

Take a few minutes to continue reading and we’ll see if we can’t answer some or all of those questions and find out why Multicolour can be the perfect development tool for you and your business.

What does Multicolour do?

Those of you who have been following the progression of Multicolour will already be aware that it is a JSON RESTful API generator, a software designed to take literally MONTHS of legwork out of the development process. If you haven’t been following us well, now you know.

Multicolour functions by creating the boilerplate code for you resulting in a, streamlined and above all RESTful API with which to build your product. As a REST API generator, it’s fast, efficient and customizable and shareable using Plugins — which allow you to tailor Multicolour’s processes to suit your specific needs.

It is essentially the springboard you need to catapult your product/business towards the goals you have in mind. We’ll get more into REST API’s/ REST API generation in a later post and through upcoming videos on our website but for now let’s focus on what Multicolour can do for you today.

What is Multicolour?

First and foremost, Multicolour is a time saving tool. That is the goal. Our endgame. In a world of plenty, where everything and anyone can be reached at the touch of a button, we know that there is one commodity we all still seem to run out of. Time!

Time is elusive enough in today’s world, without having to spend all day, week in week out, going through the rigmarole of writing the similar CRUD.

If there’s one thing that writing boilerplate code takes from us its time and that’s time we could and should be spending on the business logic and front-end work. The fun stuff. The projects that get you out of bed in the morning. By using Multicolour, the REST API generator, you can literally save hours, days and weeks of development/debugging time.

Wouldn’t we all love to leave the yawn-worthy stuff to somebody else? That’s precisely what Multicolour is for.

Ok, ok, so how much time can Multicolour save you? We save developers using Multicolour about 90% of the time they would have spent on the jobs Multicolour does for you in seconds. In addition to this, by saving you time, Multicolour SAVES YOU MONEY.

If you’re not spending your time fiddling around with boilerplate code, you can spend it doing proactive things like chasing down more business. Let’s face it, in an industry that values fast, maintainable results, being able to deliver faster will pay dividends in the long run.

But the Multicolour brand doesn’t just stop at Rest API generation.Once you have your API and you’re ready to rock and roll with your project, you need to know that the boilerplate will be maintained, as Multicolour doesn’t generate any physical code all the maintenance is as simple as keeping your dependencies up to date.

As I said before, Multicolour is a fully customisable, REST API generator and it gives you the freedom to add game-changing plugins as and when you feel like it. This allows you to streamline your process even more and means that every project will be yours from start to finish. Multicolour strives to be as unobtrusive as possible and doesn’t mess with your business logic so that every project, large or small is unique to you.

What Multicolour can do for you?

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Time is money’ haven’t we? Well, it’s true and whether you’re a freelancer or not deadlines are only ever right around the corner. Rushing to meet a deadline can mean rushing your work and that in turn, can spell disaster for yours or your client’s business. Stress does not breed perfection and in an industry that often demands nothing less, stress is always going to be a big negative factor.

here are several key perks to using multicolour that I really think we should address.

  1. It’s easy to use, plain and simple enough that even a copywriter with no programming experience was able to create a usable API. So why is this a good thing? Bottom line, it means that almost anybody can use it right away without delay. It means you don’t necessarily need a decade or two of experience to get you started. Basically, it means that you can worry less about the speed-bump that is CRUD, which can’t be a bad thing right?

  2. Top businesses like Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites were some of the earliest web properties to make use of RESTFUL APIs, why? It’s because RESTFUL API’s allow for wonderful things like collaboration, added revenue streams and separation of view logic from server logic. They can allow you to share data more easily and communicate more efficiently with your prospects, allowing for opportunities to add additional revenue streams to your websites.

  3. The speed and ease of use involved in Multicolour means that managing multiple projects at once is now way more achievable. Just create the APIs using Multicolour in a matter of minutes, tweak things the way you want them and then boom, crack on with being an uber- genius.

  4. We’ll be your friend. No, really. We are always interested to hear our client’s stories of success when using Multicolour. Constantly monitored and maintained, our website, the team at Multicolour and even this blog series are there to help you get the most out of Multicolour. Head over to the Slack channel and join in the conversation.

What’s next?

Next on the agenda for this blog series is to spend some time talking about REST API’s and REST API generation in detail. As Multicolour’s core features are centred on REST API’s, we figured it would make a little bit of sense to give you guys some relevant information and cover such topics as,

What is a REST API?

What is a REST API for?

Who is using them?

I have given some examples already but if you think that the applications of these bad boys only go as far as social media sites then you are very much mistaken.

Remember If you have any issues using the software, don’t hesitate to contact us directly on Twitter or Slack