Multicolour is a free, open source, NodeJS tool that automatically and effortlessly creates REST APIs for your code.

Multicolour is perfectly designed to perform repetitive development tasks so you can use your insight and expertise to solve real problems for your clients.

Just write JSON and see what Multicolour can do for you today.

Getting started couldn't be easier

npm install -g multicolour
multicolour init .
node app.js
👌💸 profit!
REST API generation with Swagger UI documentation.

Fast, simple, effortless REST API creation.

  • Powerful REST APIs for apps, games, and websites.
  • Easy, automatic REST API generation.
  • Self-documenting via Swagger UI.
  • OAuth support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nest, and many more.
  • JSON API support to keep you focused.

Command Line Interface and wizard tools

  • Easily get started, add new features, support, and maintain your app.
  • Hit the ground running with the “init” command.
  • Built in wizard to save you time and effort.
  • Do more with less coding.
CLI tools that make your life easier.
REST API generation with Swagger UI documentation.

Plugins, for everything!

  • Extend Multicolour quickly and easily using plugins.
  • Enhance your REST API compatibility.
  • No special syntax, just .use your code!
  • Designed to be simple and flexible.
  • Customize Multicolour to your exact needs.

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Multicolour is free, open source, REST API generation software that exists due to the generous support of amazing companies and individuals ♥

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